Common Questions

Where do you exhibit your products:

  • We show at 2 wholesale markets in January - Dallas Mart and Atlanta Mart.
  • We also sell direct to consumers at Christmas shows around the southern United States in October, November and Decembers.

Where does everything come from:

  • The product is warehoused in Austin, TX. The mice and hammock ornaments are handmade in Nepal at a Fair Trade Factory. The boxes and books are printed in China.

What is your opening minimum order size? Re-orders?

  • 6 cases for both initial orders and case orders

Is a Brick and Mortar required?

  • Yes, a Brick and Mortar store is required

Where do you ship from?

  • Austin, TX

How do you ship?

  • USPS or best way. You can also arrange your own shipper if you would like - just let us know! Local Pick-ups at the warehouse are also available with prior arrangement/appointment.

How much does freight run?

  • Freight cost/percentage will vary with each shipment based on what and how much you order. Average freight nationwide is 18%, however this will vary based on the following factors:
  1. Weight of Shipment
  2. Density of Shipment
  3. Distance to consignee
  4. How much you order ($ volume)
  • We are happy to provide you with a shipping quote. We will notify you if your shipping quote runs 20% or above.

Lead time?

  • Currently we are selling inventory that is in our warehouse, so we are shipping immediately. We are not holding orders for a later shipping date.

Do we offer terms?

  • No, at this time we are a very small company and do not offer terms.

Payment types?

  • We accept all major credit cards, paypal, venmo and company checks. For checks, product will not ship until 10 days after check clears and with a personal check guarantee. (meaning you promise us your check is good! - we'll take your word for it!)