What's a POP of Jesus? Well... it's our way of adding Jesus back into the holidays. It might sound strange, "isn't Jesus already in holidays?" But in this day and age, Christian values can easily take a back seat to all the hustle and bustle of the holidays - all the holidays!

The Bedtime Parable

Our little Mouse, is on a mission to prepare the house for Christmas by doing all the little things that the grown-ups are too busy to do during the holidays.

Teaching through a parable that "little things make a BIG difference!"

Mouse's Mission

Did you know that little things can make a BIG difference?

We truly believe that!

You might not realize it, but by simply buying this book you have done something BIG.

You have made a BIG difference to the children from the Maison des Enfant de Dieu (House of the Children of the Lord), an orphanage in Haiti that is home to over 60 children who have, sadly, lost everything. We believe that every child needs a safe place to sleep and an education so a portion of the proceeds from your book purchase goes to them.

Sneak Peek of The Mouse in the Hammock, a Christmas Tale

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I’m Bethany Brevard, wife, mom, Christian and author.

My greatest accomplishment is that, alongside my husband, I've raised 2 happy, healthy kids (older now 19 & 21) who have a solid foundation in Christ and amazing holiday memories from little mouse who turned small acts of kindness into a BIG difference for others at Christmas.

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