When my kids were little, my biggest goal in life was raising happy healthy children. Of course, that’s still one of my goals but they are all grown now! But, 10 years ago, I remember struggling to find a way to raise good people; teach them our Christian faith and give them a foundation for them to grow.

And this was especially hard at Christmas! All they were interested in was the presents and what Santa was going to bring! They never thought about Christmas as time to help other people – even the people in their house! 

The mainstream media and social media aren't leading our children to Christ, and I was battling up against US holiday traditions built by retailers.

As a mom, I felt small, insignificant and overwhelmed. I thought “how in the world can I teach my kids about Christ in Christmas when everyone else in the world is teaching them that it’s about Me, Me, Me and "What’s on my Christmas list?”

One night, my husband and I literally had an epiphany, an “A-ha!” moment!

So, we started a bedtime story, inspired by my 1970's childhood felt Christmas ornament, of the little mouse who sleeps in a Christmas tree in a hammock, The Mouse in the Hammock!

This is our family Christmas story about the little mouse who helps by doing "all the little things to prepare the house for Christmas day!

"Little things make a BIG difference!"

In the spirit of Christmas, a portion of all proceeds goes to the children at the Maison des Enfant de Dieu (House of the Children of the Lord)